There are many ways in which the arts can support spirituality – in the conjuration of beauty and wonder, the amplification of praise for God’s truth, and as a means to better understand our common humanity. The South Church congregation is one that loves the arts; and for many of us, life without the arts would be empty and unfulfilling. Our members not only enjoy, value, and support the arts, but many are also professionally involved in the arts. Being around South Church exposes one to an ongoing exploration of the spiritual dimension of visual art, music, dance, and writing.


As mentioned elsewhere, music is a big part of life at South Presbyterian Church


Closely related to music, dance is also a part of our communal life. On a couple of recent occasions, we’ve had the opportunity to see dance integrated into our worship service.

Writing and Poetry

South Church is home to many thoughtful and expressive minds. Some members write for a living; others are skilled amateurs. Issues of The Pulse, South Church’s literary magazine, offer an ongoing collection of their writings.

Visual Arts

The Donald Gallery is the most prominent example of how South Church is involved in the visual arts. In addition, we count among our members several active artists and art teachers. Art is frequently a component of our Sunday Church School classes, as well.