Music plays a large part in South Church’s services. Our musical life is shaped by our Choir Directors Doug Epstein and Sarah Brockus. This talented, intelligent, and supple pair of musicians gather a choir which rehearses and sings on each Sunday and on other festival occasions. They call on the significant number of professional musicians (viola, violin, cello, voice, trombone, French horn, guitar, percussion, piano) to accent choral singing, but also to perform solo and ensemble pieces.


Guest Performances

An unusual number of professional musicians, dancers, and actors have made South their home. Worship is often accented by a string quartet composed of church members; trombone, French horn, flugel horn, percussion, guitar, hammer dulcimer, singers from the Broadway stage, and dancers from the stages of the world are among the other performers whose work we are lucky to taste. Our solo instrumentalists include those who have international careers. The generosity of these artists greatly enriches our life together.

Pipe Organ

South Church is home to a wonderful world-class pipe organ. Built over 60 years ago and upgraded and overhauled several times since then, the pipe organ’s over 3,000 pipes offer a broad palette of sound that complements and often serves as the centerpiece of the South Church music program.

The South Church pipe organ did not always sound the way it does today. It has had a long and storied life, during which its form and sound evolved. Click here to read a detailed history of the pipe organ, view the specifications of all the organ’s pipes, and learn hosanctuary-organ_pipesw a pipe organ works.