Our Mission is to help each other in the work of becoming more fully human; in these ways that God has given us, through:

Learning God’s Word

We provide ways for us to learn the spiritual path, and the way to live a fully human life on earth; by studying the Bible, all spiritual disciplines that point the way, and the example of Jesus.

Justice For All God’s Creation

God gives us the stories of Jesus and peacemakers like Gandhi, King, Chavez and Mandela. We work together to model these stories to take action – out in the world – to protect and serve all God’s creations.

The Divinely Inspired Arts

God gives us the beautiful language of the musician, the poet, the painter, the storyteller, the dancer. We nurture those magical voices to help us plumb the depth of our souls.

Include All God’s Children

God gives us the radical hospitality of Jesus. Gay, straight, kid, elder, believer, non-believer, male, female, rich, poor, strong, wounded, all colors and shapes of human, are utterly welcome in our work and worship together.