South_ChurchSouth Presbyterian Church is blessed with several versatile buildings and facilities that allow us and our affiliate groups to engage in a variety of important activities.Our buildings are variously: a concert hall, a theater, a yoga studio, a village green, a union hall, a children’s center, an art gallery, and, of course, a sanctuary—all of these with doors wide open to our neighbors. Please contact the office if you would like to make use of our space.


The Sanctuary

The main space where we gather in worship, to pray, sing, and, on some occasions, even dance. This space is equipped with seating for up to two hundred and is home to a magnificent pipe organ. Constructed primarily of wood and plaster, this room’s warm and reverberant acoustics make it especially well suited for music performances by vocal, string and brass ensembles.


The cross which hangs on the wall at the head of our sanctuary is a vivid symbol of the life at South Church. It honors the traditions and it loves an earth spun out of the heart and hands of God. This bears the marks of our fingers imprinted one Sunday morning and in one smooth quadrant, waits for the touch of others to come. The break in the circle grieves all that wounds our humanity, our history, our destiny. The arms of the cross are bent inward ever so slightly, extending a sacred hospitality. In its totality, it is another language for an invincible hope.

Dougherty Chapel

Usually referenced as ‘the Chapel,’ this 1940’s addition was originally a smaller worship sanctuary. The pews were removed in the late 1990’s and the floor carpeted, thereby increasing its utility. Today, it is used for various purposes, including meetings, and by numerous groups during the week, including the Sacred Spirit Yoga and Healing Arts Center.

The Donald Gallery

The main hallway running connecting all the common areas to the Sanctuary, this space is used for art exhibits and is equipped with special lighting fixtures for that purpose. For more information about the Gallery and shows, visit the Gallery page.

Fellowship Hall and Kitchen

At the end of the Gallery opposite the Sanctuary is Fellowship Hall, a 1950’s 36421_137294399617347_5154214_naddition that serves as the communal socializing space for Fellowship Hour (tea and coffee following Sunday Worship) and numerous other purposes.

Adjacent to the Hall is the recently renovated Kitchen; together, Fellowship Hall and the Kitchen lend themselves well to events where food is served, such as the annual Gala. A small stage at one end makes the space into an intimate theater, suitable for dramatic and musical performances.

The Office

The office is the nerve center of the Church, the workspace of the Church Secretary. Hours are 9:00-12:30pm, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Community Nursery School

Downstairs, beneath the Donald Gallery, Fellowship Hall, and the Kitchen are the classrooms of the Community Nursery School. Community Nursery School has been a highly-regarded institution for over 50 years, offering developmentally-appropriate curriculums for young children in all areas of a child’s development. More information on Community Nursery School may be found on their web site.

Wilde House/Days of Wonder

This large stone house was built in 1877 by James Wilde, Jr., and originally named ‘Midgrove.’ It was shortly thereafter acquired by Eliza Masters for her school for young ladies. In 1916, the church acquired Wilde House, which now houses Days of Wonder Day Care.

The Manse

Yet another large stone structure, the Manse was built at the same time as the main church in 1869-1870, and has been occupied by ministers since then.


The Community Nursery School‘s outdoor play area offers several play structures including a house, a land-locked boat, a slide, and climbing bars. A great place to let kids go wild.

Parking Lot

The parking lot can accommodate about twenty vehicles.

Labyrinth and Peace Garden

The front lawn is home to the Peace Garden, which was created following the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The Labyrinth Garden was created in 2009 by Roots & Wings.

The Kitchen Garden

Roots & Wings created the Kitchen Garden as a joint project with Cabrini Immigrant Services.