Ways to Participate

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There are lots of ways of getting involved at South Church!
If you’re wanting to be more a part of the community, we encourage you to look at the efforts listed below and think about how you might fit in. Come bring your light, share your talents, explore, and meet new friends!
ADVENT PARTY: Laura Giannone
MLK Breakfast:  Janet Donat or Ken Barton (donatjanet@yahoo.com, KVBarton@msn.com)
CHURCH SCHOOL:  Teresa Williams (TLW.nyc@gmail.com) or
SAFE CHURCH VETTING:  Susan Lauer (sllauermpa@optonline.net)
YOUTH GROUP:  Walt Stugis (wstugis@verizon.net) or Cathy Bobenhausen (catbobenhausen@gmail.com)
CONFIRMATION CLASS 2016:  Jane Ann (jagSouthChurch@aol.com)
CHRISTMAS PAGEANT:  Linda Jo Platt (Ljberrypl@aol.com)
CHURCH & SOCIETY: Ken Barton (kvbarton@msn.com) and
Janet Donat (donatjanet@yahoo.com)
ROOTS & WINGS:  Mark Pennington (mark@penningtonllc.com) and
Marc Taiano  (marc2life@verizon.net)
THE FOOD PANTRY:  Lyn McClean (lmclean22148@gmail.com) and
Molly Rodriguez (mrodrigcsw@yahoo.com)
MESSY CHURCH:  Betsy Pausch (Betsy.Kolt@Bridgerow.com) and
THE GALA:  Volunteer!  Contact Peter Brenner (peterbrenner38@yahoo.com) for food, Linda Jo Platt for Silent Auction (Ljberrypl@aol.com)
THE PULSE:  Geoff Colquitt (gcolquitt@mack.net)
MIDNIGHT RUN: Maureen Fox (mbuckleyfox@optonline.net)
FRINGE:  Donna Thompson (healinginteriors@yahoo.com)
THE DONALD GALLERY:  Cheryl Hajjar (hajjarc@verizon.net) and
CHOIR:  Doug Epstein (doug@dougepstein.com) and
Sarah Brockus (sbrockus@gmail.com)
WORSHIP SERVICES:  Jane Ann (jagSouthChurch@aol.com)